Irene Ortiz

Atelier para el Fagot

Atelier para el Fagot in Madrid

The Bassoon Workshop aims to cover the needs of players who want to keep their bassoon in tip-top condition: a complete inspection with total or partial component substitution, restoration of wood, silver plating of the key-work mechanisms, air sealing and mechanical adjustment.


  • Hand ergonomicst
  • Easy, precise emission of all notes
  • Fine-tuning
  • Timbre-matching between registers

A complete general check-up includes:

  • thorough cleaning of the instrument
  • hydration of the interior of the pipes
  • restoration of holes specifically damaged by moisture
  • replacement of all pads, corks, and other materials
  • corking of all pipes and bocal
  • elimination of noises and gaps
  • adjustment of the entire mechanism for proper tuning

Thank you for your trust



Irene Ortiz

Irene Ortiz