FAGOT MOOSMANN 100 Núm. 9444 🟢

Price on request

Student model instrument. Made of maple wood and spray varnished. It is perfectly tuned, vibrates very well, and has spontaneous attack response. Features anti-water tubes and a double-sharp trill key. It’s a wonderful instrument for elementary, intermediate, and even early advanced studies due to its sound quality and because it includes high E and E-flat keys in the mechanism. Does not include a balance hanger, but one can be fitted here at the Atelier.

Personalized in-person advice

I have personally selected this bassoon at the B. Moosmann factory in Waiblingen (Germany). Similarly, the bocals included were specially chosen by me for this instrument.

In Madrid, I have made the final adjustments to further enhance the sound quality it offers.

You can try it without obligation at the Bassoon Atelier (Paracuellos de Jarama – Madrid) by appointment. If you decide to purchase this bassoon, I can customize the adjustments for you before you take it, and also offer you a 15% discount on your next complete general service. I will take care of any necessary modifications during the six months following its purchase

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Irene Ortiz